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In loving memory of one so near and dear to our hearts, a bundle of happiness and joy, she left a tremendous impact on our world and will surely be missed by us all.

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- Adenike


- Adenike


- Adenike


- Adenike
Happy 1st Posthumous Birthday Adenike

It’s painful that I didn’t get to sing happy birthday to you this year. I remember the kids and I singing happy birthday dear Aunty Nike to you on this day last year. Hmmmmm! It is well. Dance on with the angels and keep smiling. Love you and miss you loads Happy 37th baby girl 🥰🥰

- Tommie Edwards
Still very hard to let go!

I still come here dear. Every time. I am never scared to go through all of your pictures and videos again and again. It all still feels surreal. I miss you everyday love. I miss you and there is no words to quantify this loss. Never in a million years would i have imagined us going through this kind pain and grief. Its hard and that's all i can say. It is very hard. This runs so deep and the pain will forever linger on. I miss you Nike. I really miss you and all of your loved ones do. You were one very Special and rare being to everyone. Continue to rest with no more pain. I celebrate the memory of you and the life you lived. I celebrate you my greatest cheerleader and motivator as i continue to put one foot in front of the other to move forward as you would have wanted. Rest. Rest well darl. Adepeju

- Adepeju
Charis goes back to school tomorrow

Charis and I miss you darling especially preparing for another session of school - you delight in such things and do it perfectly,effortlessly and happily that I don’t know how blessed I was. I have tried to get her all ready as much as I can but I am sure you would have done it better. We miss you so much and our house hasn’t been the same since you left - keep smiling and looking down at us wifey . Love always ...

- Kolade

You left just when I was getting to know you but the beauty that was your existence, a blessing I was privileged to experience, lingers. A few hours with you and without giving it a second thought,decided you'll always be in my good books. You carried so much love and made sure to spill it everywhere you went. It's incredible the peace you carried, it's no wonder we're all struggling with letting go. I've spent the past 8months trying to lie to myself that I didn't know you well enough to grieve but it's all lies and i can't do it anymore ,so,I surrender. I will let the tears flow but hold forever dear,the memories. We love you but God loves you more sis.

- Bimpe Ogunmuyiwa.
My Love

It's hard darlyn..... today was one of those days!!!!

- Bimbola
We miss you each day my darling sis in love

Today would have been your 37th birthday my darling sis in love 😢😢we miss you each day and may the Lord continue to be with the family you left behind... Continue to rest in peace sis mi🙏🙏

- Stella olajumoke Alade
We miss you each day my darling sis in love

Today would have been your 37th birthday my darling sis in love😢😢we miss you each day and may your soul continue to rest in peace🙏🙏May the Lord continue to be with the family you left behind 🙏🙏It is well

- Stella olajumoke Alade
To a friend with a beautiful soul,still shock of your pasting away, you are a good friend, choristers in oou days,sleep on , let perpetual light continues to shine on you forever.

- Mercy ogieguata
Forever in our hearts...

It's been hard without you dear friend! Can't believe it's 6months already. We miss you each day! Keep resting my beautiful angel! Love you forever

- Funke
Missing you

Adenike, this is the final week of school and honestly, it has been a blur. I have tried to pull up and get going as I am sure that is what you'd expect of everyone but it has been tough! Everyday, I MISS YOU. There are so many reminders of you, daily. I listen to Hillsong daily and each time your track comes on (Be Still), tears trickle down...Babes, this is nearly 6 months since your departure and it still hurts like it just happened. I miss you hun, I miss you very much. Continue to rest in perfect peace my beautiful, say-it-like-it-is, angel voice Adenike.

- Funke Diji
Silence so loud

24 hours is too long a time to not hear from you. Three months and 17 days definitely feels strange and hurtful. The silence is so loud. I just feel pain. A lot of pain and hurt. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was wrong. The tears hasn't stopped and i don't know if it ever will. This hurts deeply. Sun re oo Adenikemi. Sun re oo Oremi. I cherish our friendship, our numerous fights and i dont want to ever forget you. I will never forget you my darling. I wont. Love you so much Anikky.

- Adepeju Kasali
Awful night

One of those horrible nights but will have a shower tomorrow morning and give it another go as agreed. It is difficult here without you but God’s peace has been sufficient. I miss you sweets and will always do. Kolade

- Kolade
My darling...

Keep resting on beautiful, i miss you so much...may your soul rest in perfect peace.

- Opeyemi Shenjobi
Missing You Forever..

My love, I keep coming here and can't stop myself from doing so. How are you doing where you are? I hope okay. Do you see us? Do you hear us? Maybe.. i will never know. I miss you a lot and even more so today. Thought of you lingering on my mind everytime and everyday. Nothing is the same Nike. Nothing is the same without you and i will never understand this. Where do we go from here? My heart still aches like the first day i heard and Kolade's message etched permanently in my head. I miss you Adenikemi and again i miss you so very much. Pray for us my love and help us get through this grieve. Its very hard to let go.

- Adepeju Kasali
Nike There's no day I don't think about you! An amazing rare being continue to rest in His bossom till we meet to part no more.Blessed is your memory ore. Olufunke

- Olufunke
Missing You Forever

Missing You Forever

- Adepeju Kasali
Beautiful Soul

Dear Nike Still very overwhelming writing this. But what I can say is truly you were a good soul, I am glad to have known you the little time we had and also to spend the last happy moments with you. Despite the pain, you were strong, beautiful, with sharp mouth and authentic. Rest in peace girl I know heaven is rejoicing over your life.

- Precious Obaseki

Words fail me, it's been hard to say whatever it is I wish to say. I remember your smile, you always bring life and smile whenever you come around. It's hard, so hard to accept, but I believe you're resting in the hands of the almighty whom you loved and worshiped. We shall me, yes we will to part no more. God rest your soul Nikeja

- Oludare Abayomi Popoola
Sleep on Sweet Friend.......

Adenikeeeee....the last time I saw you, you were looking all fine, fresh, and cute. I never knew that would be the last. I never knew you gave me the last hug when we were about to depart. It hurts so bad and my heart is still heavy. We've been friends since primary school and you've been so pretty since then. You were the beauty queen we would all queue and pay to see and collect gift in St. Francis. Before you left Olivet in J.S.S 1, we were sitting together, and we would gist and gist without listening to what the teacher was saying. Fast forward to when we left secondary school as teenagers,we would talk about anything and everything happening to us. Oh! The memories of our 24/7 of togetherness back then still lingers. Adenike, you shall be greatly missed. I will miss our plenty talks, gist and chats I will miss your smile I will miss your pretty face ( Yes, I saved her number with pretty face) I will miss our laughter I will miss our friendship I will miss your beautiful heart and pretty self I will miss your words of encouragement So sad. Great wife Great Mom Great sister Great daughter Great friend Great personality Great cook Complete Package. May the Lord be with your hubby, daughter, parents, brothers, family and friends you left behind. I love you my Mercilina...I can't believe i am writing this. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace..till we meet to part no more. Goodnight to my childhood friend Adieu..... Shade Ajamu

- Shade Ajamu

I remember meeting you in 2012....working with you for a year was fun....Adenike you were always smiling....hopeful and full of energy. Your departure was sudden but I know you lived a life of purpose....God will keep all that you left behind especially your daugther.... Keep dancing with the angels....All I have read and heard about you is sweet and indeed a time of reflection for me.....Love always dear

- Funmilola Ayoola-Nehan

Never thought I’d lose you, Never knew I would be writing a tribute for you, But here I am, Standing alone, Without you by my side, We’re padi's for life, We promised, But now you’re gone, I don’t know what to do, Without you, I’m going crazy, I’m trying to hold on, To keep strong, But it just doesn’t feel right, I’m waiting here, My arms wide open, Tears running down my face, Ready for your return, Even if it takes forever, My sister, My friend, My love, My gist partner, My "Ode" like I used to playfully call you. My Arinlade, Ebunoluwa,Mercilina, Adenike 😭😢😭😢

- Alade Chris Adegboyega
Shining Star

The angels looked down from heaven one night. They searched for miles afar, And deep within the distance They could see a shining star. Adenike you are a shining star, sleep on till we meet to part no more.

- Taiwo Adetola-Mustapha

Am short of words....... meeting you in the journey of life beyond blessed. Mummy has I fondly call, always there for me n always have an advice at every point in time. A woman with her large heart to accommodate all, words can't express You. You always check on me n be sure am fine, a lover of God,no wonder you shared d love of God you had abroad many. Whoever loves is of God because God is love. That's just who you are. Love u but GOD loves u more. Rest on darling.....

- Adeola Ganzallo
My mentor, sister, mother and best friend

I’m speechless but u told me to be strong and happy. I miss u so much and will always love u.❤️❤️ Rest on sis

- Iyamide
My mentor, sister, mother and best friend

My mentor, sister, mother and best friend

- Iyamide

Rest in peace Dear sis. How I wish this didn't happen, or we all just wake up from this dream. God loves you more beautiful soul. Your smile always contagious and your heart so gentle. We shall understand better by and by. Words will forever fail us.

- Tunde Ogundipe
Goodnight dear

Rest on dearest more pain or sickness. Forever singing with the angels ❤️❤️❤️

- Morisola

It's still hard to comprehend, rest on ..

- Tola
Precious one

Each encounter with you was sweet, pleasant, kind. Your self awareness was inspiring and you permeated positivity wherever you went. Your ephemeral life has left a lasting and powerful impression on us all. Thank you for the light you brought and shared. Love you to bits..

- Tolu Coker
Mummy Nike

Thank you for the love you showed to me. You took me as a friend despite the wide age gap between us. Thank you for all those advices. Till we meet again... May your sweet soul rest in peace.

- Adedayo Ogunnaike
Mr & Mrs

We remember your gentleness and calmness. But the loving kindness of the Lord is forever and forever on those who fear Him.

- Olaosebikan
Adenike lives on

Rest in the bosom of God’s arms beautiful. I will not forget the very first day I met you at your bridal shower at Tomi Edwards house. Such a down to earth lady and communicated with every one. I felt welcomed by all the ladies there though I knew only a few. The news of your passing just made me realise that we are just passing through this world and it is not our own. You believed in God to the very end . God grant you eternal rest and give your family and loved ones you left behind the fortitude to bear your loss. Very painful indeed but I know you are in a better place now. Rest on sunshine Adenike.

- Chavwe Akoroda
My Adenike is no more

The news of your death is still a bitter pill to swallow. You were such a kind and beautiful woman. A caring and loving wife and mother to Kolade and Charis. A generous soul to everyone. May God rest your beautiful soul. Amen.

- Folashade Ajayi
To a dear Sister

Adenike, I read through tributes from well meaning friends and family, I can't agree less with all of the testimonies about you. It's difficult to say goodbye Sis. Continue to rest in peace.

- Tosho Akinrinola
Rest in blissful peace Adenike

Saying Goodbye to you today was painful but I am glad you are resting in peace . Love you always xx

- Tommie Edwards
Saying Goodbye to you today was painful but I am glad you are resting in peace

Saying Goodbye to you today was painful but I am glad you are resting in peace

- Tommie Edwards
Sis Nik

It’s painful to know you left so sudden...but God knows best. Rest on Sis....Rest on.

- Bukky Salako

Meeting you was fate,that faithful afternoon in March of 2014,I was so blown away by your beauty and dress sense,and mega elated that we were from the same church denomination, I am so humbled and greatful to have been your friend,thank you for your jokes,your interjections,you always had a reply for everything,and I would laugh so hard,thank you for your sumptuous meals,thank you for making me know almost every member of your family,it was because of you I ever stepped Oyo soil for the 1st time and almost 5 times after that,and you finally bought me the most talked about Oyo bread and Oyo Amala,thank you for always checking up on me,in your words *Opscuby nibo ni Iwo maan wole si?*(where do you always hide yourself?you were so motherly,very Intelligent, thank you for always asking how i was fairing with work,you knew and you just kept checking knowing that I was hanging in there ,taking it a day at a time and assured me that everything was going to be alright soon,you even made me know new friends,you were the engine,you held everyone together, how you did that,still baffles me,thank you Nike,Thank you so much ,I promise to make you proud,I DO NOT promise to stop speaking my bad bad English tho....,I am sure the angels are laughing so hard their bellies too are aching from your jokes ba?please take care of your husband Kola,and your beautiful beautiful baby girl, your carbon copy ,Charis,please check on me once in a while too,goodnight my darling

- Opeyemi Shenjobi

The news of your passing away was received with great shock and it saddened my heart to write this having known you from way back primary school and have not been close or keeping in touch. You were such a beautiful soul both inside and out and of a truth you have always been a blessing to everyone around you thus you will surely be missed; Your dimples, your cooking (honestly I craved for your food at one particular period, when I was pregnant for my first child) and most especially your kind heart. Our prayers are with your parents, your brothers, husband, lovely daughter and loved ones. Adieu sweet sister. Ololade oboh(Aderibigbe)

- O
Anikky of London

Anikky of London like I always call you and you will reply Ayinkus baby. So hard to say goodbye. Every moment spent together will be Cherised Forever.

- Yinka
My friend's sis-in-love

I am short of words, your life displayed humility. May your soul rest in peace.

- Aromolaran Kemi
Gone too soon

To leave this world at such a young age is quite painful. It is my prayer that the loved ones you left behind find the strength tp code in this sad and trying times. I hope you find rest where you are now. So sad.

- Deji Adejumo
Always in our thoughts

- Dr. Olaide Nasir

It's so hard to say goodbye to a wonderful sister and soul like yours! Every moment spent together will be cherished forever. Committing you to mother earth today confirms the fear and the reality that you are gone to rest where there is no more pains and tears! May the Angels of the Lord receive your soul and Saints usher you to the presence of the Most High God! Sleep well dearest till we part no more

- Lanre Olaegbe
You fought a good fight Nike. Good night Sis. Rip

You fought a good fight Nike. Good night Sis. Rip

- Bisola
Continue to rest in peace Nike it's well

- Ariwoola Felix