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In loving memory of one so near and dear to our hearts, a bundle of happiness and joy, she left a tremendous impact on our world and will surely be missed by us all.

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My Friend

2019-04-09 by bimbola

I could never write a story my darlyn, I could never! Three months on and i still can't bring myself to it.... i still can't.... our lives changed that day... seems like forever already!

Life hasn't been the same, I miss you, I miss you, I will miss you forever!

They say it is well, hmmmmm, is it? They say it will get better, when?

14 years of light of friendship, of love, of meaning taken in a day.... too much history, too much story, too much laughter, too much emotions, endless stories.

I know you are looking down on us.... can you see how hard we are trying, trying to keep going, trying to keep up, trying to make meaning, grasping at your memories and refusing to let go, trying to keep our balance and just keep it moving no matter what.

You were all the good things nooo, you were the BEST.

keep soaring sweetie....

love you still