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In loving memory of one so near and dear to our hearts, a bundle of happiness and joy, she left a tremendous impact on our world and will surely be missed by us all.

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My sunshine

2019-03-27 by Kolade

Words still fail me and I still struggle to write without weeping.Nike.

Charis and I are trying to get on but there are nights like this when I wake up to study but the quiet of the night makes your obvious absence so glaring that I do nothing but sob all night again.

I will give it another go tomorrow though 😊

Grieving is awful as people ask you daily how you feel and you respond getting by as you can’t put how you feel into real words.

i hope you will come visit us one day so we could just be blessed by your presence just for few minutes in your house.again.I will keep waiting for that glorious day wifey ...

I write, then delete and write again only to delete again as I am as confused as I was on that awful day 🤷‍♂️

I miss you Nike and will always do.